7 Benefits of Wet Cupping

7 Benefits of Wet Cupping

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Wet Cupping Therapy is an alternative medicine which is being used for ages, now it has got popularity again because the western part of the world found it helpful in many diseases and some people do it for the wellbeing.

It helps us in many ways like:

  1. Pain Management: Like a migraine, cervical/lower back pain, sciatica, knee osteoarthritis, ankle sprain etc
  2. Immunity: It helps us to boost immunity 
  3. Digestion: Cupping therapy can be done for better digestion
  4. Psychiatric benefits: Helps our body to get relax and feels light, improves sleeping, relief in anxiety, depression etc.
  5. Skin: Wet cupping can make healthy skin improve skin condition 
  6. Lungs: Helps in Respiratory Issues  
  7. Blood: It helps in lowering blood sugar, cholesterol, uric acid etc

Hijama Birmingham | Cupping Birmingham

We offer a simple and straightforward cost of £35 for a cupping session with UNLIMITED cups, this includes Wet Cupping Hijama or Dry Cupping. On average a session lasts from 30 – 45 minutes. 

Our therapists are fully insured for Cupping and Hijama Cupping Therapy.

Group booking of 2 or more: £30 per person
One to one treatment: £35
Mobile home visits: £50*
All sessions include unlimited cups

*Some areas will incur an additional charge depending on distance. We will inform you on your enquiry.

Bradford Court, 123 – 131 Bradford Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B12 0NS *BOOKINGS BY APPOINTMENT BASIS*

Our Hijama Cupping Clinic is based in Digbeth – Birmingham City Centre. With parking and close transport links. We are less than one mile from the Bullring, Grand Central and Digbeth Coach Station.

Call, Text or WhatsApp:
Tel: 07516 154 483
Email: info@cuppingbirmingham.co.uk


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