What Does Lymphatic Drainage Do?

What Does Lymphatic Drainage Do?

Lymphatic Drainage is a Therapeutic and Rhythmic Massage Treatment that uses light, gentle pressure and rhythmic strokes to increase the lymph flow around the body. This treatment helps to flush out the retained liquids and toxins, aiding for general well-being. Lymphatic Drainage helps the Lymphatic System to do its job better. By understanding the anatomy and function of this delicate System, Qaya Clinic assists your body in clearing sluggish tissues of waste and swelling.

Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

  • Eliminate oedemas (accumulation of liquids), swellings.
  • Detoxification
  • Improves Metabolism and Circulation
  • Reduce pain caused by swelling
  • Helps in eliminating cellulite
  • Reduces Bloating and Constipation
  • Relieves Heavy Legs
  • Decreases Menstrual cramps and improves Premenstrual Syndrome ( PMS)
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Boosts Energy
  • Boosts Digestion
  • Pre-Post Cosmetic Surgery
  • Lymphoedema (accumulation of lymphatic fluid in adipose tissue)
  • Helps the body to heal more quickly from injuries, surgical trauma, chronic conditions
  • Releases the sympathetic nervous system, thus helping to relieve stress and anxiety
  • Can improve many chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, disorders associated with the head and neck (chronic sinusitis, migraines), EDS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, detoxification of the body relief of chronic pain and help diseases that appear due to venous insufficiency.

How Does Lymphatic Drainage Work?

The Lymphatic System is part of the Immune System, and it’s very superficial. Composed by veins and lymph nodes strategically localised, the Lymphatic System is responsible for collecting and draining metabolic waste, toxins and water excess. By stimulating the lymph nodes and pushing the lymph towards the heart, it will go back inside the bloodstream, filtered by kidneys and flushed out through urine.

When the Lymphatic System works well, we feel healthy and have a strong defence against illness. When it’s sluggish or blocked after surgery or an injury we can have it swelling, feel tired, and be more susceptible to colds and infections.

Lymphatic Drainage Contraindications

  • Any active cancer
  • Acute infection
  • DVT (Deep vein thrombosis)
  • Acute allergies
  • Terminal cancer
  • Precancerous skin lesions or raised moles
  • Kidney failure
  • Heart failure
  • Liver disease
Lymphatic Drainage For Pregnancy

Pregnant women retain in their bodies 8 litres above average in the volume of water, and the responsibility for this situation is from the hormone progesterone. So, imagine all this volume plus the weight of the baby, plus the placenta and the amniotic fluid, not forgetting those extra pounds that are normal to gain during pregnancy.

All these changes cause a sensation of weight, swelling and discomfort, and an excellent alternative to relieve all this disagreeable sensation is the Lymphatic Drainage. It’s suitable after 12 weeks with a doctor and midwife approval.

Lymphatic Drainage For Postpartum

Lymphatic Drainage Postpartum provides emotional well-being, relaxation, relieves tension from this new phase of a woman’s life. It also increases her self-esteem, stimulates and improves blood circulation, provides a night of better sleep, improving breastfeeding, reducing stress hormones, reducing fluid retention, swelling, eliminating accumulated toxins and waste in the body, speeds healing, helping new moms recover quickly from childbirth, including scar tissue. Postpartum can be a beautiful phase, but that requires that you are well to look after of your newest love.

Lymphatic Drainage For Lymphedema

Lymphedema is swelling in one or more extremities that results from impaired flow of the Lymphatic System.

Lymphatic Drainage encourages the flow of lymph fluid out of arm or leg, is a way of reducing swelling caused by fluid build up after cancer treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage For Post Cosmetic Surgery

Getting post surgery Lymphatic Drainage is hugely essential to obtain the desired results of the operation. This Therapy is those that are required after a liposculpture, tummy tuck, breast reduction/augmentation as well as liposuction in any other part of the body. The purpose of this Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is to eliminate liquid that tends to accumulate and harden forming into fibrosis. Fibrosis is the name given to those little balls and lumps that you feel forming under your skin about one to two weeks after a surgical procedure. This Therapy also allows for better circulation of the blood, and work with the texture of your skin to ensure a better healing process.

Lymphatic Drainage is a therapeutic procedure designed specifically to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Any person that submits themselves to a cosmetic surgical procedure will experience exceptional levels of inflammation as a side-effect of the work performed in that area. The process of Lymphatic Drainage allows for your body the release that liquid accumulated under the skin and in turn your healing time reduces and pain decrease.

Lymphatic Drainage For Menstrual Cramps

The cramps are caused by the release of hormones during the menstrual period, which causes contractions in the womb and makes women feel pain and the uncomfortable feeling of swelling.

In this sense, Lymphatic Drainage works by eliminating excess body fluids, minimising swelling, improving menstrual flow and relaxing the muscles of the tummy (abdomen), minimising menstrual cramps. The ideal is to perform the sessions before and after the menstrual period, because it’s at that moment that fluids and toxins accumulate more quickly in the body, because of the action of hormones.

Lymphatic Drainage For Pre & Post Flight

Nobody likes a long flight. They’re stuffy, boring and they generally make your body feel pretty terrible while it tries to acclimatise to your new time zone, it’s no doubt also suffering from swelling, dehydration and general tiredness. The postflight Lymphatic Drainage will help you seriously minimise your jet lag, jet lag is code for sickness, dehydration, fatigue and irritability, mainly all uncomfortable things.

Lymphatic Drainage is one of the best things you can do to combat these nasties, as it helps to rid your body of all its discomforts, making it easier to adjust to your new time zone, Qaya Clinic uses pure oil during the treatment to promote a sense of wellbeing and invigoration. Lymphatic Drainage will help with fluid retention as it is such a great way to flush toxins out of your body. After hours in the air, fluids can build up in the body, possibly causing you pain and discomfort.

It will help to rehydrate you – during the flight, small intakes of amounts of liquids are factors that hold people back from keeping hydrated during a flight and this paired with the weak air systems make dehydration a significant concern. Lymphatic Drainage will not only help to increase your blood flow also the oil that Qaya Clinic uses will help to add moisture back into the skin.

Before your flight, Lymphatic Drainage also is recommended because the circulation will be better prepared to face the pressurisation.

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