MLD Birmingham (Manual Lymphatic Drainage)

What is MLD in Birmingham?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a gentle and specialised treatment protocol that consists of very light, rhythmical and pumping hand movements to stretch the skin. The treatment is aimed at stimulating the lymphatic system to drain more efficiently. MLD can aid relaxation via its link to the muscular and nervous systems and is also believed to improve the immune system. It sits comfortably in both, the complementary and the medical world. As such, MLD can be as beneficial after knee or hip replacement surgery as it can be after cosmetic procedures to reduce the post-op swelling and assist the healing process.

Manual Lymph Drainage activates the musculature of the lymph vessel system increasing it’s rate of absorption from the surrounding tissues. It’s a non-invasive way to remove excess fluid and waste products more quickly. It is as effective on the swollen feet of the person who has been standing all day as it is on the swollen leg’s of the person suffering from lymphoedema or the woman who is 8 months pregnant.

Lymphoedema is an important indication for MLD. MLD alone on truncal or facial (“mid-line”) oedema regardless of cause and MLD in concert with specialist bandaging, skin care and exercises (DLT) for limbs.

It’s the perfect antidote to the swelling associated with pregnancy adding nothing toxic to the body whatsoever. These gentle movements are pleasant to experience as excess fluid is collected from the tissues by your own body’s system and sent on its way.

The effects of MLD on the nervous system make it one of the most relaxing treatments available. Perfect for stress and pain control. Post-operative MLD is common in the plastic surgery field. A facelift patient in France is normally given a prescription for 30 daily MLD treatments to reduce the swelling and bruising, speed the healing and calm the patient.

Old scars can be greatly improved with MLD – normalising the colour and flattening out unsightly scar formation. Migraine and arthritic problems, “glue ear’ in children and congested sinus” can all be positively affected.

We are the highest rated MLD clinic in Birmingham. Get in touch to discuss and arrange your MLD.

Hijama Birmingham | Cupping Birmingham

From only £45 depending on treatment and areas required. Some treatments have an additional cost, please contact to discuss. This includes Wet Cupping Hijama or Dry Cupping.

Our sessions usually consist of massage cupping, dry cupping and wet cupping (Hijama) to achieve the best possible results.

Our therapists are fully insured for Cupping and Hijama Cupping Therapy.

48 Calthorpe Road, Quadrant Court, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 1TH (OUTSIDE the clean air zone) CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS *BOOKINGS BY APPOINTMENT BASIS*

Our Hijama Cupping Clinic is based in Edgbaston – just off the Five Ways roundabout. With free street parking, nearby pay & display car parks and close transport links. We are less than one mile from the Bullring, Grand Central and Five Ways Train Station

Call, Text or WhatsApp:
Tel: 07516 154 483 (MALES)
Tel: 07719 865 562 (FEMALES)


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