Hijama Cupping Immune System

Hijama Cupping Immune System

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Hijama Immune System

Cupping for the immune system

Hijama Cupping Therapy is a therapeutic treatment practiced for over 5,000 years. It spread to many nations around the world over time including China, Africa, Russia, Middle East, Central, South East, South Asia and Europe, USA. The first documented records of its practice were found in the 19th century; the “Ebers Papyrus” originated from Egypt.

Hijama Cupping is an excellent form of preventative and curative therapy.

Below are some of the ways cupping helps:

– It boosts the circulatory and immune systems
– Cleanses and detoxifies the body
– Treats illness and relaxes the patient
– General pain

Hijama Cupping Therapy essentially detoxifies and cleanses the body, by drawing toxic blood from the body. This produces new blood cells and strengthens the immune system. Cupping is also useful to treat muscular and skeletal issues.

The negative pressure from Hijama Cupping Therapy triggers the white cells to investigate and repair any issues. The scratches made and pull on the skin also encourages antibodies and platelets to heal and repair. Overall Hijama Cupping removes stagnant blood, encourages repair and stregthens the immune system. Particularly useful in today’s COVID times and in the winter to beat the cold and flu seasons.

Hijama Birmingham | Cupping Birmingham

From only £40 depending on treatment and areas required. Some treatments have an additional cost, please contact to discuss. This includes Wet Cupping Hijama or Dry Cupping. On average a session lasts from 30 – 45 minutes.

Our therapists are fully insured for Cupping and Hijama Cupping Therapy.

48 Calthorpe Road, Quadrant Court, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 1TH (OUTSIDE the clean air zone) CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS *BOOKINGS BY APPOINTMENT BASIS*

Our Hijama Cupping Clinic is based in Edgbaston – just off the Five Ways roundabout. With free street parking, nearby pay & display car parks and close transport links. We are less than one mile from the Bullring, Grand Central and Five Ways Train Station

Call, Text or WhatsApp:
Tel: 07516 154 483 (MALES)
Tel: 07719 865 562 (FEMALES)
Email: info@cuppingbirmingham.co.uk


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