How Can You Natually Help To Reduce Inflammation In The Body?

How Can You Natually Help To Reduce Inflammation In The Body?

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Inflammation in our body can be good for us – it is an essential element of our innate immune response, and its task is to trigger a defense reaction. But sometimes persistent stressors (such as bad diet or lifestyle) lead to chronic inflammation, which can cause heart and joint problems, obesity and even accelerate the development of cancerous changes.

In many cases, chronic inflammation can be diagnosed relatively early, thanks to specific signals from the body, such as joint swelling, constipation, diarrhoea or frequent infections.

It happens that doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, treating the symptom instead of the cause. There are also many diseases that due to the same symptoms as other ailments are misdiagnosed. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is such an example. It is difficult to measure the frequency of that disease, as some doctors do not know what’s EDS, which is why it is rarely diagnosed. Many commonly used nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs interfere with platelet function and should be avoided or used with caution. That is why you should always start with the crucial factor of good health – your diet.

In this article, we will provide you with solutions to overcome inflammation and help your body to recover.

Sources of inflammation

There are a lot of factors that implicate the body’s stress response and thus cause chronic inflammation. Among others, we can specify processed food, meat generally, environment and lifestyle, sleepless nights, not enough sunlight, and… your thoughts. Yes, scientists agree on that: negative thoughts and emotions can cause disease. To get rid of most diseases, it is often enough to get rid of inflammation in the body. This approach helps to eliminate the cause of the problem, not its effects. To get rid of inflammation, you must first of all, restore balance in the intestines (still, the most important here is diet and appropriate dosage of probiotics or prebiotics). You can also observe the condition of your skin, which often shows your intestines condition. The state of our intestines tells us a lot about the health of the whole body.

Limit meat consumption

Low consumption of vegetables, fruits and fiber, and a high supply of fat, meat, dairy products and processed products promote the intensification of inflammatory processes and changes in DNA, as well as nutrient deficiencies.

In animal products, you’re getting protein packages with inflammatory molecules like endotoxins and heme iron. When we consume those products, it also changes our microbiome (the symbiotic bacteria living in our guts) increasing the amount of bacteria species that have been shown to cause inflammation. In the blood vessels, it disturbs and reduces blood flow. In muscles and joints, it can increase soreness and delay recovery. On the other hand, by eating plant-based protein we provide ourselves with minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals that reduce and optimize microbiome and blood supply. Switching to a plant-based diet can help reduce the inflammation marker in blood and stimulate the immune system. The right amount of unsaturated fatty acids, i.e. omega-3 and omega-6 (you will find them in linseed oil or pumpkin seeds), is also significant. Try to eat more unprocessed carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole grains, and legumes. Besides, take care of daily vitamin D supplementation that supports the immune system and do not forget about adequate hydration – preferably with plain water. Eating the right food is going to accelerate the healing process that is going to reduce inflammation

Regeneration is the key

Sitting at night in front of a laptop, TV or smartphone screen is certainly not the best idea. You may not see the health consequences yet, but the blue light that these devices emit delays the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a neurohormone produced by the pineal gland. It plays a role in the internal synchronization of the circadian cycle and the human biological clock. Melatonin makes it easier to fall asleep, reduces the number of wakes up at night and improves the overall quality of your sleep. Poor sleep quality means no energy during the day, no motivation, and thus the insufficient quality of life. All of that causes negative thoughts and emotions, which leads to weak immunity and increased risk of getting any disease.

Usually, seven to eight hours of sleep at night are recommended. Remember that your body is regenerating while you sleep. Try to give it enough time to do so.


Often the symptoms of the disease are an external manifestation of phenomena occurring at a deeper, more difficult to observe level of the organism and hidden sources of health problems. To get rid of the feeling of constant fatigue, mood swings, and problems with healthy and deep sleep, try to follow a balanced diet, ensure regeneration and active rest. You will do your body a favour.


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