Celebrity Cupping Craze

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Celebrity Cupping Craze

Decades flew by as cupping therapy gradually became reduced to a mere curiosity of the past, collecting dust on practitioners’ shelves.  In 2004 Cupping re-emerged as a hot new celebrity trend in the limelight of a New York film festival, where actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s back revealed her fresh cupping marks.

Countless celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Justin Beiber and Kim Kardashian followed suit and became fast adopters of this hot new cupping trend.

World Champion tennis star Serena Williams is a big believer in cupping.

“It feels like a suction. It feels like an octopus, although I don’t know what an octopus feels like,” Williams tried to explain to press. “I think I snapped once a while back. It looks weird, the cupping. Yeah, I always do it, but I just did it for fun, so…

“But, yeah, so it just feels like it’s suctioning and it just feels good.”